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GRADUATION by Sign Gypsies CDA

Graduation deserves a celebration! Whether you are celebrating preschool, middle school, high school, or college graduates - Sign Gypsies CDA Yard Signs provide the perfect addition to the happy day!

Book your Graduation Yard Greeting here!

Standard Graduation Yard Greetings start at $99 for "Congrats + Recipient Name." We use a variety of specialty graphics to customize each sign based on the recipient's future plans, hobbies, and interests. 

Graduation Extras


Extra Day - $50

Want the celebration to last longer? Add extra days to grad signs for $50 each day. 


Extra Name - $30/name

Having a large party? Add the graduate's names one by one!


Scheduled Installs - $20

Graduation signs are installed during a standard window of 8 pm to 8 am. If you need a special installation at a venue or in a back yard, this is option is perfect for you.

Keepsake Packages - See Order Form for more details

Keepsake Graphics and Packages!

Order a graduation sign, add on a keepsake package, and a little reminder of graduation is left behind. 

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